It was twenty six years ago in 1994 that our fabulous adventure began when Serge Heitz, of Franco-German origin, settled in Strasbourg.
His first cars? Porsche 356s of course, but their Beetle cousins too!
His mastery of German and his nearness to that country allowed him to weave close ties with experienced car collectors and dealers. A reputation built up step by step over the last twenty years not only in Germany but also in other regions of Europe where the Porsche marque is also synonymous with prestige.


In our company, it’s impossible to envisage a sports car that isn’t in pristine condition. Our deeply anchored respect for the Porsche marque is what drives us. These cars set our pulse racing and we’ll transmit this spark to you. It’s an absolute passion that we have for the exceptional in general, and for Porsches in particular.


Whether you’re looking for a classic car or the most beautiful contemporary car, we can help you so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects: cutting-edge expertise concerning the bodywork and welding, in-depth examination of the engine and moving parts, verification of the car’s compliance with its birth certificate... Nothing will be overlooked.
Our preoccupation: sharing our knowledge of all the marque’s cars with our clients, not to mention our understanding of the market today and in the future. An ever-changing market whose ups and downs we have been familiar with for the past twenty years.
Our advice will allow you to match your financial investment with your dream car. After a personalized appointment, we will propose the cars best suited to your project.


Thanks to our twenty six years’ expertise in this area, we have selected partners and workshops that share the same preoccupation with quality as ours. We do not talk about car renovation, but well and truly about restoration according to the book and with total respect for the original.
Besides being part of a speculative market, our classic Porsches can be driven on a day-to-day basis. They are just as they were when they first came out of the factory from every point of view, but if you’re interested we can add a touch of modernity!
We can propose "à la carte" cars, with their original moving parts preciously preserved, but with more modern, more powerful engines and brakes, phone and sat-nav connectivity... numerous accessorization possibilities... while fully respecting the original model.


All our cars – whether contemporary or classic – come with a one-year parts and labour guarantee. Our teams will follow you all along your Porsche adventure, from regular servicing to repairs, through to a possible resale.
At the time of delivery, the car will have been inspected beforehand by an acknowledged professional, registered on the national list of automotive experts. He will draw up a full and precise report on the vehicle, the quality of its restoration and will set its market value. This inspection is also required to allow you to take out insurance.
Our teams will also accomplish all the administrative formalities, through to sending the registration papers to your home.