Porsche 356 C COUPÉ

Porsche 356 C from 1964
Magnificent slate grey original color red leather interior color.
356 C is the easiest and most successful of all 356s.
It benefits from the new disc brakes which will also equip the 912 and then then 911.
Its chassis, its comfort as well as its exterior petrol door make it a 356 usable very easily.
This specimen has the distinction f having its original sheet metal in exceptional condition.
Which makes it even more rare, it is in its configuration of time.
We have restored all the mechanics and all the aesthetic elements.
We rarely sell coupes B or C. When we have finished repairing them according to our quality criteria to use them safely, the cost of restoration sometimes exceeds their value.
Nevertheless it is a choice to help you start with a first Porsche 356 with a first budget.
And many customers for years have come back to change it for a convertible or roadster and we are always happy to take them back to please the next one.
The vehicle has its Porsche birth certificate.

This car is visible in our premises at Cap Ferret near Bordeaux and Mérignac airport.